Meet the Team


Laura Calderone – Clinic Director/ Perinatal Specialist, Remedial Massage Therapist

29.pngLaura Calderone is the Clinic Director and Perinatal & Remedial Massage Therapist.  Laura is passionate about supporting women to manage the physical, emotional and mental changes of pregnancy and motherhood.

In addition to completing studies in Remedial Massage, she has undertaken specialised training in perinatal massage to ensure that she can provide the best quality treatment and deliver the best outcome for her clients.


Adopting a holistic approach to massage, Laura considers the lifestyle factors that impact the body in the context of muscular stress and tension.

Laura is available in the clinic on Monday 10am – 7pm, Wednesday 9am – 1pm, Thursday 10am – 7pm, Friday 9am – 1pm and Saturday 9am – 1 pm.


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Karen Robertson – Lymphatic Specialist & Remedial Massage Therapist

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Karen Robertson is a heart-centered and highly skilled remedial massage therapist, with special interest in helping women manage the physical, mental and emotional changes throughout their lives, from pregnancy to menopause.

Karen believes that natural therapies are a vital requisite for good health and wellbeing. Karen is passionate about women’s health and has worked as a Reflexologist for 20 years, to support women manage the hormonal changes of menopause.

In addition to completing a Diploma of Remedial Massage at the Gordon Institute, Karen has completed an intensive 4-week course in manual lymphatic drainage at the Vodder Akademie in Austria in April 2019 and is a fully accredited Vodder Practitioner.

Karen will be available in the clinic on Tuesdays and Wednesday afternoons from 2pm – 7pm

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Clare Houston – Perinatal Specialist, Remedial Massage Therapist

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Clare is a caring pregnancy massage specialist with and absolute passion for supporting women through the journey to motherhood.

Clare completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage at Endeavour College of Natural Health in 2012.

Clare’s passion for pregnancy massage started while she was completing a Certificate in Pregnancy Massage with Pregnancy Massage Australia while she was four monhs pregnant. As a mum of two young kids, Clare knows first hand how important it is to make tiem for yourself during pregnancy and beyond.

Clare will be available in the clinic on Friday from 10am – 2pm

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The team is passionate about providing exceptional massage services and have an interest in:

  • Supporting women through significant life changes such as pregnancy, motherhood and menopause
  • Treating headaches, such as tension headaches and migraines and chronic pain issues
  • Empowering birth partners to be confident in supporting their loved one during labour with partner massage workshops and private sessions


If you are experiencing pain or discomfort during pregnancy, headaches or chronic pain, massage may be able to help you!

Find out which treatment is right for you. For more information, contact us or book an appointment now!


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