7 Things You Didn’t Know About Reflexology

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Reflexology

The aim of Reflexology treatment is to aid relaxation and provide stress and pain relief. Reflexology is based on the principle that there are “reflex” areas in the hands and feet that correspond to the glands, organs and systems of the body. Eastern philosophies or Reflexology link reflex points to the meridians, while Western philosophies of Reflexology focuses on zones of the body.

Using acupressure techniques, reflexes in the feet are stimulated during a Reflexology treatment, eliciting involuntary responses from organs and glands related to the reflex areas treated. This stimulation can cause physiological changes within the body, such as hormonal balance, and deep relaxation. Karen Robertson, qualified and experienced Reflexologist explains the 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Reflexology.

#1.  Vital for Total Wellbeing

Reflexology is not just a nice foot massage for tired feet – it is good for your overall health as well.  Each part of your foot corresponds to a part of your body, so by massaging the feet, you are in fact treating the whole body.  Hence the word “reflexology”:  you treat one area to influence another area or reflex point.


#2. Boost the Immune System

You can give you immune system a boost by not only improving your circulation but your digestive functioning as well. The gut is the centre of your wellbeing. If there are problems here, this can have a direct influence on your immune system. Certain reflexology points target the digestive system to support its healthy functioning.


#3. Help Tame Your Hormone Monster

Reflexology is especially good for women going through any hormonal change in their life, and this doesn’t just mean menopause – it’s also great for the post-natal ups and downs. At any stage of life, you can support your emotional wellbeing.


#4. Labour Support

There are points on the feet that can help expectant mum’s through a long and tiresome labour by ‘speeding things up’. The endocrine system plays a very important part in the process of childbirth. A reflexology treatment may be able to influence the endocrine system to support labour, helping you to say “hello” to your bundle of joy a little bit sooner!


#5. Relax the Mind, Body and Spirit

Reflexology can be relaxing for the mind/body/spirit than a full body massage.  In fact, it competes for top of the snooze list with Lymph Drainage, both modalities being able to access the parasympaticus, or subconscious body – which is the best state to be in for self-healing.


#6. Support a Healthy Body

Reflexology is not a soft tissue treatment – ok, the feet DO feel great afterwards – but its greatest advantage is being able to access problems in bodily organs and systems. While Reflexology is not a diagnostic tool for health issues, it can support healthy functioning of organs and systems in the body.


#7. Age-Old Healing

Reflexology has been practiced for at least 5,000 years. In fact, in some parts of the world it is still a prerequisite training for many health professionals, particularly midwives and palliative caregivers.


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